About Us

B&B Thermal Insulation, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our company and its services in the insulation trade.

B&B Thermal contracts and sub-contracts industrial removable insulation pads, jackets, blankets, and economy covers. Whether the job is routine maintenance, the upgrading of existing insulation, or the insulation of new pipes, tanks, or equipment, B&B Thermal will provide you with a quality job to your satisfaction. Our reusable and removable SoftPack insulation pads are perfect for applications that require inspection and maintenance because they can be easily removed and re-installed – eliminating the need to add new insulation each time.

B&B Thermal manufactures its own SoftPack removable and reusable insulation pads so insulating a standard Gate, Ball or Globe valves, Flanges and Pipes is as simple as making a phone call to us and we’ll do the rest! Custom Fitted SoftPack pads for other equipment (such as heat exchangers, turbines, manhole covers, etc.) can be fabricated from the dimensions you provide us, from a simple drawing or B&B Thermal will be glad to come to your location and conduct a field take-off. We will be more than happy to instruct your employees through the installation requirements.

Since 1989, Berry SoftPack Fabricators, Inc., has proudly served the southeast with years of experience in the field of removable and reusable insulation with many satisfied customers. Beginning in 2013, Berry SoftPack was acquired by B&B Thermal Insulation, Inc., meaning we’re able to serve with the same expertise and professionalism on a national level and we’re ready to go to work for you. We can complete all your insulation needs from large to small.

To find out exactly how we can put our team to work for you, please contact us about your specific project needs.

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our company, products, and services.

Jeffrey L. Berry
B&B Thermal Insulation, Inc.